Esports is a growing scene everywhere, and that’s why esports is also gaining a foothold in the betting market – Betting bonuses to esports are improving all the time, and esports betting sites are growing in popularity. More and more selections are being offered for e-sports, and in addition to this, the odds are also developing at a really fast pace.

Esports comprises many different sub-sports, including esports games. Every game is different in many ways, like sports, and therefore different things need to be considered for each game. If you want to learn more about esports betting, we recommend reading our “Guide to Esports Betting”.


Almost every betting site offers odds on esports. So where do you find the best selections and the best odds for esports? We’ve listed the best esports betting sites below, and at the same time you can also check out the best welcome bonuses to esports!


Betting can be practiced in esports in different ways. Traditional betting through a betting site is no longer the only option as you can bet on in-game items like CS: GO skins. In this section, we’ll talk about different ways you can bet on esports.

Esports real money betting – betting sites for esports

Real money betting is the most traditional way to bet on esports as well. Betting sites offer esports a truly comprehensive range of selections with great odds. In addition to this, you can also get amazing odds on esports. That’s because the number of experts in esports is really low compared to traditional sports. Traditional betting companies also offer betting bonuses on esports. They also offer a really wide range of selections to many esports games. You can read about that from our esports betting guide!

Betting with friends, social betting

Why not place bets on esports with friends as well? Bets with friends are downright a tradition in traditional sports, and this is also perfectly normal with esports. You can bet with friends or acquaintances about the winner, the number of rounds or even the tournament winner; there is no betting site in between and you decide the so-called odds for betting.

Skin betting – in-game items

With Counter Strike, skin betting has been practiced for quite some time. You are not betting real money, but instead using in-game items as a bet. This form of betting is especially popular with esports fans and players. With skin betting you can practically play betting for free because you don’t put real money into the game.


Traditional betting sites still offer the best betting bonuses for esports. The largest gaming companies have taken over esports; although new bookmakers specialized in esports have entered the market, they have not managed to capture a large market share.

Almost all betting sites offer esports betting and wide range of games. In addition to this, esports betting sites also offer excellent betting bonuses. These bonuses allow you to double or even triple your bankroll – you can start playing with a way larger bankroll. You can find all the best betting bonuses to esports from this page!