ONLINE CASINOS presents the best online casinos in 2021! We offer each casino also a review, based on our own experiences. All online casinos offer great casino bonuses. And all casino bonuses are worth using, as they are truly value for money!


You will find the best and most reliable online casinos whose security has been tested on behalf of our team. Grab the world’s best online casino bonuses, which you can find from the list below!

Online casinos offer a variety of bonuses

Bonuses and free spins are available in many different formats. The most common deposit-free bonuses are free spins. Free spins are a way for a casino to offer free spins on a game or games they specify. A very large number of casinos offer free spins without deposit to their new players; they are one of the most popular bonuses among players. Casinos often set free spins to be played on a specific slot or slots. Most often, it is a very popular game, such as Starburst, or a newly released game that players can try for free with the free spins.

By using free spins you can get used to games that are not already familiar, as well as get a feel for the casino’s game selection in general. For this, it is naturally more comfortable to use bonus money or free spins at first and only start playing with your own money once you know what games you want to play with your money. So if you’re interested in playing at online casinos, but it’s not already familiar, or you want to learn how to play a particular game properly, bonus money is a sensible option. With free play money or free spins, you can simply focus on learning and enjoying games without having to worry about your own money.


Online casinos are more popular today than ever, and no wonder. Casinos are available to almost anyone, as games can be played comfortably using a smart device or computer. New online casinos are coming to market. Thanks to the popularity of gaming, there are now more casinos than ever before, and there is no end to growth. Casino games are available regardless of location and time of day, making it possible to play from anywhere. You no longer have to go to a market or shop for slot machines to play. You can easily play from home.

Online casinos have evolved tremendously thanks to technological innovations. That is why in 2021 they no longer offer just traditional slot games. Innovations are constantly entering the market, making new features in casinos more of a rule than an exception, especially offered by new casinos. Visually, online casinos are stunning works of art and the selection of games at casinos is wider than ever before. Alongside traditional casino games, there has been, among other things, a live casino. Live casino allows you to play table games in real-time against a real human dealer – in a real casino atmosphere, of course.


In recent years, online casinos have also gained enormous popularity among European casino players. The best online casinos for Europeans can be difficult to find, especially for a novice casino player. This is because there’s already thousands of casinos in the world. Players’ preferences are also very different. Some are looking for the biggest bonuses while others look for the widest possible range of games or beautiful looks. We have collected the best casinos on this page, which allows you to easily compare your favorite casinos.


Online casinos offer a wild selection of different casino games. Online casinos are no longer investing in just one area; almost every casino offers a diverse selection of games, slots, and lotteries. Below, we’ve opened up a little more about the different forms of play at casinos, allowing us to give a more accurate picture of the wondrous world of casinos in the new decade.

Slots – what are they?

Slot machines are certainly familiar to almost everyone, at least in appearance. Slots can also be found in online casinos, whose slot games have a better return rate than traditional physical slot machines. The idea of ​​slot games is quite simple. The goal is to get as many payout symbols as possible on the pay lines. The number of pay lines and the values ​​of the symbols determines the number of your winnings that you will automatically receive to your account. Slots have also evolved tremendously in recent years, making more interactive, more beautiful-looking, and even more challenging slots available. Adventurous slots have become very popular, as the player gets to follow an ever-evolving story that makes playing even more interesting and entertaining. The most popular slot games at online casinos are Starburst, Gonzo’s Guest and Dead or Alive.


The selection of online casinos also includes plenty of jackpot games where it is possible to win real jackpots. Jackpot games are no different in play from traditional slot games, but there is a chance of winning millions of euros in these games. In general, jackpot games are so-called progressive jackpot games in which the jackpot increases upwards as the game is played. The jackpot is often shared between casinos, allowing the jackpot to grow rapidly as players play the game. The winnings of progressive jackpot games often range from hundreds of thousands of euros, from which they can grow to several tens of millions of euros. Every player has the same chance of winning the jackpot. That is why Jackpot Games draw players from all over the world to chase huge wins.

Table games and live casino

In addition to slot games, online casinos also offer table games that are available in several different game formats. Traditional table games include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker, which you can play at almost every casino. Table games have excellent gameplay. They allow you to play traditional games from the comfort of your home sofa or even from a summer cottage. It is also possible to play table games at a live casino, which can be found in almost all casinos today. The live casino brings a real casino feel directly to your screen; you get to play table games in different variations in real-time with a human dealer. Playing at live casinos works by seeing a live video, and you can hear real game sounds from the casino.


We have compiled on this page all the casinos you can find on our site. We have reviewed each casino thoroughly as we want to give everyone a diverse and comprehensive picture of each casino. We at HCB have gone through a wild number of different casinos. We have screened only reliable and honest online casinos on our site. All casinos are the best in the industry, offering a reliable gaming environment and of course great bonuses!


Online casinos now allow completely risk-free access to sites. It is possible to play casino games completely free of charge. This makes it possible to get acquainted with the selection of games even without a deposit. You can play slot games at casinos without an account, as you can roll games without registering. Almost every slot game has its trial version where you can try out new games for free. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the rules and pay lines of the game without wagering real money. If the game is enjoyable, you can grab the bonuses in your pocket and head to hunt for real winnings! Free play at online casinos is available almost on every site. That’s because all casinos want to attract new players to their site.


Online casinos offer players great bonuses that allow you to play even without a deposit, allowing you to grab free winnings in your pocket. Bonuses are plentiful and free spins, in particular, have risen to immense popularity among players in recent years. Free spins allow for huge winnings without investing your own money, making it a pretty tasty form of bonus.

Free spins are usually set to be played on certain games. Often free spins are to new slots, making it completely free to explore new games. There are plenty of free spins available without a deposit; it’s no wonder that they are one of the most popular casino bonuses at the moment. Online casinos that offer free spins without a wagering requirement have become very popular in recent years. The best casinos offer free spins for free even daily!

The bonuses allow risk-free playing, which is why the best casino bonuses are definitely worth grabbing in your pocket. With free play money or free spins without a deposit, you can try different casino games without any risk, in addition to which you can of course get real money winnings!


The best online casino is difficult to determine because each player is different and seeks different features from online casinos. The best casinos offer a diverse gaming experience. Most players always look at the bonus offer when comparing casinos, some are looking for the widest selection of games. Some specifically hunt for free play money without a deposit, while others seek the highest possible deposit bonuses. Low wagering requirements and fair bonus terms are always popular.

We have collected the best casinos on the market for our site; we want to offer our readers only the best casinos. All casinos have been thoroughly tested by our team, which allows you to find only reliable casinos on our site.

Is there a perfect casino?

As you may notice, no online casino can meet all of these expectations in any way. There are casinos that are better overall than others and where you are more likely to find big bonuses and a better selection of games. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the best online casinos that offer good gaming experiences and where we can imagine returning to again. The list is constantly updated and you should keep an eye on it. It gives you a good chance to catch up on really good casinos and their best bonuses.


The security of online casinos has risen brilliantly in recent years, which has also led to a huge increase in the popularity of gaming. The casino license plays an important role, as casinos operating under a European gaming license, operate under close supervision, which is why casinos are really safe. Responsible gaming is also an important factor, as you know that the casino cares about the safety of its customers.

We at HCB have compiled this article so that you can play at a safe and reliable online casino. All casinos on our website have been tested by professionals. This is why you can only find secure casinos on our website. Reliable casinos offer modern encryption systems that make account information and money transfers highly secure. Thanks to technology, online gambling is now extremely safe. In this text, we aim to remove prejudices against online casinos as well as possible.


In this article, we will detail the security and reliability of online casinos. Online casinos are played with real money, so there is no reason to play on suspicious sites. Money transfers should work safely in both directions; there should not be any other problems with a reliable and secure online casino.

We have often been told by people that casinos manipulate their games. However, this is not true at all. The random number generators used in the games are regularly inspected by independent auditors. A reliable online casino does not manipulate its games. You will only find reliable and secure online casinos on our site.

Avoid misunderstandings of bonus terms

It is always recommended to read the casino bonus terms carefully before accepting the bonus. Even if it is a reliable online casino, there may be some interesting surprises in the bonus rules. You will always find the latest bonus terms in our casino reviews, but we still recommend that you read through the terms and conditions on the casino website as well.

Recently, we have witnessed situations where casino winnings have been denied from a player and no winnings have been paid to the player. Usually, the cause is a violation of the bonus terms, which can happen intentionally or accidentally. The first thought is often whether online casinos are scams. They are not, because EU-licensed casinos are very reliable, as these casinos are very closely monitored.

Often the player is guilty of denying winnings

In most cases, denying casino winnings involves violating bonus terms, such as A player has multiple game accounts, incorrect credentials, the bonus has expired, playing a banned game with bonus money, playing too high a bet when redeeming the bonus, or closing a game account at a sister casino.

Reliable online casinos use official gaming licenses

Online casinos need an official gaming license to operate legally in the casino market. The most popular casinos operate with European gaming licenses, such as those in Malta and Gibraltar. Other European gaming licenses can be found in the UK and Alderney, among others. The requirements for a European gaming license are strict, which is why a casino must be very secure to obtain a license. It is worthwhile for Europeans to play at a European online casino. Online casinos operating with EU licenses offer players winnings from the online casino completely tax-free. EU citizens receive tax-free winnings from all EU-licensed online casinos.

Popular game licenses also include Central American and Caribbean licenses. These licenses are easier to obtain. The activities of these casinos are not monitored as closely as European online casinos. One of the most popular online casino gaming licenses is the Curacao license, which is one of the safest non-European gaming licenses. Unfortunately, Europeans do not receive tax-free winnings from online casinos licensed in Curacao.

Who issues casino licenses?

Online casinos are licensed by gaming authorities in different countries and regions. One of the most common gaming licenses is the Gaming License issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). It operates under the auspices of the Maltese State. Obtaining a license is very hard, and the gaming authorities check the ability of a company operating an online casino to operate in the casino industry really strictly. Obtaining a gaming license is not easy. The process of applying for a gaming license usually takes about six months.

In Europe, gaming licenses are also issued to individual countries, including Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain. Licenses in those countries entitle online casinos to operate only in that country. That’s why casinos usually apply for a Maltese license to offer online casino games throughout the world, whenever possible. Some online casinos in Europe also use Curacao gaming licenses, but those casinos do not offer tax-free winnings.

What issues are monitored by gaming authorities?

The authorities will scrutinize the ability of the online casino to act lawfully in the industry. Customer security and privacy must be on a great level. The company needs to have enough funds. That’s how the online casino can always payout the profits of the customers without any extra delays. Also, online casino advertising must not be targeted at minors but must be targeted only to adult customers. Advertising at the casino must also be truthful and no false or misleading information may be shared. The online casino must also comply with anti-money laundering rules, in addition to which the company must pay taxes properly on time. Random generators for casino games must also be regularly inspected by independent authorities approved by the gaming authority. The most common entities reviewing random number generators for casino games are eCOGRA, iTech, and Gaming Associates.

The Maltese Game License is the safest in the world

At an online casino with a gaming license in Malta, scams are not even possible today. Before a gaming license is issued, the company operating the online casino has been inspected very carefully. That is the way to ensure that the company is operating legally in line with the industry. The company must comply with all laws and regulations of the aggregator. Because of that, a safe and reliable casino can be easily identified from the gaming license.

Game manufacturers are also licensed

There are already numerous game manufacturers in the world, but an online casino cannot use a game from just any games at its casino. The most popular game manufacturers in the world are NetEnt, Play’n Go, and Microgaming. The aforementioned game manufacturers offer most of the casino games played at online casinos. They have gained great appreciation over the years.

Game manufacturers need licenses just like casinos. Random number generators and payouts of the games have been checked by independent parties. Also, the return to player percentages are constantly monitored. Game manufacturers also offer on their websites the opportunity to read testimonials. Game manufacturers have to apply for a license by market. This is why NetEnt and Play’n GO have game licenses in several different countries.

Reliable online casinos offer secure money transfers

Depositing at an online casino is nowadays really safe. You can deposit at the casino through an online bank, but there are also numerous other methods to deposit in 2021. Online banking is a safe and reliable way to deposit money at a casino; all money transfers are always SSL secured.

One of the most popular ways to deposit at an online casino is a Paysafecard deposit. Paysafecard is known to be a secure and reliable payment method. Deposits can be made safely and quickly with the Paysafecard code. This code can be purchased from gas stations, markets, and To make a deposit, you will need a Paysafecard code, which will be entered when making the deposit. There are different values ​​for pin codes, and the biggest ones are worth up to 100€.

Online wallets are a great choice for money transfers

Online wallets are also a safe way to transfer money. Skrill and Neteller offer fast and secure deposits and withdrawals. You can deposit money into your online wallet, and you can of course withdraw money from your online wallet to your bank account. When depositing with online wallets, there is no need to enter your credit card information at the casino. That is why online wallet deposits have become very popular.

Tips for secure money transfers

Money transfers at online casinos are greatly secured in 2021. Perhaps the safest way to deposit at an online casino is the online banking deposit which is offered by almost every site. Often, online banking deposits and withdrawals are made through the Trustly payment service. Trustly transfers money between a player’s bank account and an online casino. Another service used for online banking deposits is Euteller. Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw funds from the online casino using the Euteller service.

However, when depositing at an online casino, common sense must be used. Antivirus programs should be updated regularly, and passwords should not be stored in the browser, email, or computer. Strong passwords should be used as passwords. In addition to this, we do not recommend logging in to online banking or casinos from public computers or devices.


Secure online casinos use SSL encryption, and because of that, money transfers are also always secured with SSL. Nowadays, two-stage login as well as authentication is growing in popularity, and we believe that two-stage login will be mandatory at casinos in the future. Trusted online casinos have a Maltese Gaming License, as the Maltese license is only granted to fully secure casinos. At safe casinos, money transfers are always possible with the most common money transfer methods.


We have listed only safe online casinos on our website. The easiest way to find the best and safest casinos is to check our list of all casinos. We have selected every online casino very carefully, so the security at online casinos is always great. Casino reviews are done by professionals, and you will only find safe and reliable casinos on New casinos are also really safe, so we offer a pretty comprehensive package!

SSL encryption at casinos

The encryption systems used in online casinos are very secure and versatile. The most secure encryption technology today is SSL, which keeps all your information secure when playing at an online casino. The data is not accessible to third parties. You can check the encryption of the online casino by looking at the left side of the address bar as there is a lock image if SSL encryption is active. All casinos listed on our site use SSL encryption. Money transfers and other account information are always secured with SSL encryption.

Reliable Online Casinos & Policies

Nowadays, online casinos want to be transparent, which is why the casino seeks to highlight reliability through various measures. Reliability at the casino is highlighted by various practices that aim to increase security from the players ’perspective at the online casino.

eCOGRA certification

The operation of online casinos is monitored and inspected by several independent third parties. The eCOGRA Safe & Fair certification is only awarded to casinos that take care of the security and reliability of the site. Player return percentages must be announced in advance by the agreements and profits must not be distorted. The eCOGRA certificate is awarded to a casino where the money transfers are secure, the security and data processing of the site meets the specified requirements and the online casino games are fair. eCOGRA is an independent international organization that is truly respected worldwide.

The random number generators in the games are checked regularly

Random number generators for online casino games are regularly reviewed by independent third parties to ensure that there is no misuse of return percentages or payouts. Checks are performed for security and reliability, which allows the player to play at the casino without having to worry about the casino or game manufacturer manipulating the slot games. The most reputable reviewers of random generators are eCOGRA, iTech, and Gaming Associates.

Clear bonus terms

Reliable online casinos offer fair bonus terms, and all relevant information is available in the player’s native language clearly and easily. The wagering conditions in the bonuses are clearly stated and any limits on free spins winnings are stated without hiding. Hard and strict wagering requirements are sought to be hidden as skillfully as possible, as challenging bonus terms banish players to other online casinos. Honest and reliable casinos offer bonus conditions for casino bonuses and free spins right out of the box directly, clearly, and above all transparently.

Well-known and trusted money transfer services bring security

Reliable online casinos offer a diverse range of different money transfer services. Global transfer services are a sign of a secure online casino. Large payment intermediation services do not offer their services to dishonest casinos, which is why the versatile deposit and withdrawal methods provide a reliable picture of the casino’s operations. If an online casino offers the opportunity to transfer money via online banking, credit card, and online wallets, it is a very reliable casino. For example, if the casino only offers a bank transfer or credit card deposit, you should ring the alarm bells. Secure casinos offer a comprehensive range of payment methods, which is why transfer services should be carefully reviewed at all online casinos.


Online casinos now have fairly strict rules that have been put in place to prevent abuse. The rules may seem unnecessarily precise, but all the rules exist in principle to ensure the safety of the player and the casino. Dishonest casinos are hardly found, especially in Europe, as online casinos are very closely monitored by gaming licensing authorities. Of course, abuse can also happen, but it is usually a human error. Below we have listed the most common problems with casinos.

Unclear terms in bonuses

The terms and conditions for online casino bonuses can be quite precise, which is why all customers are advised to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully before activating the bonus. Deposit bonuses, casino bonuses, betting bonuses, and free spins and their winnings are usually subject to separate bonus terms in addition to the general terms and conditions, which the player must abide by. Unclear bonus terms are rare today, but unclear bonus terms can be defined as terms that lead a player to violate bonus terms.

For violations of the rules, online casinos are very accurate, and casinos have the right to refrain from paying the bonus if the terms of the bonus have been violated. The repatriation of profits from free spins can also be prevented if the recycling conditions have been violated. Generally, rule violations occur with bonus redemption claims, for which the player is responsible. The most common reason for refraining from paying bonuses and winnings is violating the bonus terms. That’s why we at HCB also recommend that players always check the bonus conditions carefully before starting to play.

Difficult repatriation of profits

Some online casinos seek to prolong the payout of winnings so that the player cancels the big withdrawal request and played the funds. An online casino can request virtually any variety of documents or certificates, for example, to verify identity. Awkward withdrawals are a sign of a dishonest casino, and gambling at such casinos is not recommended. Today, fortunately, such casinos are not even met, so there is no need to worry about difficult withdrawals.

Withholding casino winnings from a player

There are numerous terms and conditions at online casinos under which a casino can try to withhold all winnings from a player. The terms and conditions are, in part, quite open to interpretation, but there are also clear breaches. Larger winnings are, of course, check with a more precise hand, so when a giant win hits even with withdrawal, you may have to twist with documents and certificates at dishonest online casinos.

The most common reasons for rejection of repatriation are violations of recycling conditions. Too much stake in bonus redemption is a very common reason for withholding winnings. In addition to the excessive stakes, it is also quite common to play, which is prohibited in the bonus terms, during wagering. Casino winnings can also be reset if the bonus redemption conditions are not met within the required time. According to the terms and conditions, a player may only have one gaming account at an online casino, as a result of which the winnings of the owners of more than one gaming account will also be rejected and all gaming accounts may be closed.


We at HCB have wanted to make it easy to compare new casinos, which have allowed us to write our own experiences of casinos on our site. There are a huge number of new online casinos on the market, which is why finding the right casino for you can be Vague information about casinos that can be found on the Internet, which can make your head even more confused.

We have written with our team casino reviews of each online casino we list, giving you an honest picture of each casino. In the reviews, of course, you will find our own experiences with casinos, in addition to which you will find detailed information on, for example, bonuses,  and the selection of games at casinos. All casinos on our site are reliable and secure, which means you don’t have to worry about the casino is honest. We never bring up casinos we wouldn’t want to play in ourselves.

What are the online casino experiences?

Every casino player is sure to have online casino experiences. Often, different players have different experiences, as casinos are quite different from each other. In this article, we will tell you about the best online casino experiences, and we will not hide the bad online casino experiences either. All of the authors at are iron-hard professionals, so we’ve worked hard through all the online casinos we’ve listed. You can find all the reliable casinos on our website, so you don’t have to worry about security. Behind the reliability of casinos are also gaming licenses, of which the best gaming licenses are EU and EEA licenses.

Many players will remember casino offers or bonuses. Clicking on welcome offers is very common, as they are real value for money. Some casinos have daily bonuses, and these stay in the player’s mind. For example, there may be free play money or free spins on a Book of Dead, Starburst, or Twin Spin slot game. Players often remember the online casino’s selection of games, as this is one of the most important things. You will stay at the online casino if you can find your own Favorite Game. A diverse and comprehensive range of games can also bring back new favorite games that can offer great winnings as well as a pleasant gaming experience.

Online casinos experience a selection of games

Online casino game selections are now diverse and comprehensive. Often the game selections are very similar between different casinos, so there is not much difference between them. In recent years, new game manufacturers have also entered the market, which cannot be found in all online casinos. When choosing an online casino, it is worth looking at the casino’s selection of games, as you can also find a list of game producers on several sites, from which you can browse the casino games of that producer. New game manufacturers are bringing the most innovative inventions to market, and you can find quite a few special casino games. There are already thousands of casino games in the world, so there is indeed a choice! The large selection of games guarantees a diverse gaming experience, in addition to which it is easy to browse games at online casinos with the help of a list of favorite games or producers.

Online casinos experience promotions

Of course, promotions, contests, and promotions are also an important part of what online casinos are trying to entice customers to play on their site. There is always talk of promotions among players, and of course, the best bonuses are also distributed to friends. The competition between online casinos will be incredibly fierce in 2021, which is why the bonuses are also big. When reading players’ online casino experiences, the most attention is paid to deposit-free bonuses, which can be obtained, for example, by simply opening a game account. Free spins or free play money will also enhance your online casino experience, as these are great benefits. Internet casinos must also be able to offer offers after the first deposit or game account registration, otherwise, players will go to other casinos to play.

The best online casinos experiences

The best online experiences are when gaming is easy and the casino site works quickly and pleasantly. The casino experience is also enhanced by the fact that you can do business on the casino page in your mother tongue. This guarantees an enjoyable gaming experience, as browsing the site is easier in your language. The reliability of casinos is enhanced by an EU or EEA license, as online casinos are very closely monitored by gaming authorities. European players receive winnings completely tax-free from casinos with such a license, so online casinos with an EU or EEA license should go through the list on! The game selection also plays a very big role for the player, as the diverse game selection allows you to play all your favorite games. A comprehensive selection of games at the online casino also allows you to find new favorites. The online casino experience is also enhanced by excellent money transfers, meaning there are no unnecessary delays in transferring money to your gaming account or bank account. Quick withdrawals are one of the most important things for players in 2021, and the best online casinos now pay withdrawals within five minutes of a withdrawal request at the latest!


Existing online casinos do not have to worry about security factors as they have quality gaming licenses behind them. The license makes it easy for the player to find out if it is high quality and secure site. For example, well-licensed casinos have to take care of the security of money transfers at a very high level, so the player does not have to stress about these things. For example, if you compare online casinos to a stone-footed casino in one corner of Asia, it may be that an online casino is a much safer option. The selection of games at online casinos is also often much more diverse compared to even Casino Helsinki, which offers a few hundred different slot games. Internet casinos currently offer thousands of different games in their selection on a single site. The possibilities for internet casinos are almost limitless in terms of their range of games. In addition to this, the player can choose whether he wants to play along with the machine, or whether he wants to go to a live casino, for example, to play with a real-time dealer and co-players. So you don’t have to play alone if you don’t want to.


There are online casinos from side to side today and every player will certainly find what they like. The most important thing when choosing an online casino is what you expect from the casino itself, especially in terms of bonuses and game selection. When you know what you want from a casino player, you will also be better able to take advantage of casino bonuses, promotions, and play at casinos that best suit your preferences. Casino gaming is great entertainment that makes it interesting and exciting to be able to leave pockets full of money.

All online casinos in 2021 that are also reliable casinos have a pretty long list. How do the best casinos stand out from these, and how can all casinos even be listed? Not every online casino gets on our list – we select and screen the best internet casinos and trusted internet casinos for listing, but this list also includes casino bonuses that are not to be missed.


All casinos will be investing a big hand in usability this year and, above all, in improving the player experience. The development of a mobile casino is one key factor here, as more and more players want to play at a casino on mobile. In addition to this, casino bonuses are also improving all the time, as the competition in the gaming industry is fierce, and this industry will not succeed unless the best casino bonuses are on offer.

Mobile gaming is certainly not fading but specifically becoming more widespread. There is more gaming on mobile all the time, and this applies not only to the casino but also to betting. Casinos are constantly developing new mobile applications that make gaming faster and easier – safe gaming can be done regardless of the device.

All New Casinos

There are new online casinos and old online casinos, but reliable casinos are hot stuff. Not all new casinos are reliable at all, but the variance is quite large. The new internet casinos offer tremendous bonuses to the casino, and even free play money or free spins without a deposit are possible to grab upon registration.

We list all new casinos on their page, but unreliable casinos do not fit into this list. You will find on our website all reliable internet casinos that have passed our tests and screens, as we do not want to introduce casino scam casinos at all.

Where to find all online casinos?

All online casinos are categorized into good and bad especially by looking at bonuses. For the casino to get a place on our list, the bonuses must be in place. The most frustrating of all is when you take lousy bonuses from playing the joy of an otherwise good casino. You can find good bonuses on the market no matter how much, so you shouldn’t go after any bonus. There are also a lot of bonuses that look good at first glance, but a closer look at them may reveal the most special terms. We also scrutinize bonuses like this to ensure that all internet casinos on our lists meet the terms and conditions we have for bonuses. Last but by no means least is the tax-free winnings at casinos. Every casino on our list is licensed, which means


We have tried to collect as many different online casinos as possible that we think are worth a try. We pay a lot of attention to many different things when evaluating whether an online casino is good enough for our comprehensive list; not every casino automatically meets these criteria. By no means do we want to bring up casinos where we would not like to play? With the offerings so wide, one can afford to be picky and choose the casinos where to play.

One of the most important criteria when evaluating casinos is its quality as a whole. This means how the casino is built with the player in mind. Just hitting a big pile of different games on the platform and releasing isn’t enough; it can’t be called a decent casino. Casinos must provide all the information players need. This information includes bonus terms, gaming, and customer service that answers players’ questions. For example, not every online casino offers its players customer service in customers’ mother language. In our eyes, of course, this degrades their quality.


  1. Check the bonuses offered by the casino; often new casinos offer the best opening offers where you can grab free play money or free spins without a deposit
  2. Check the casino license – tax-free winnings are an important factor when choosing an online casino
  3. Check the online casino’s game selection, as well as payment and withdrawal options.


Online casinos themselves have not built their casino games. The casino pages are only responsible for their pages and the games are ordered from the game manufacturer. There are already plenty of game manufacturers in the market, but there are only a handful of popular game manufacturers. We have listed below the best game manufacturers you can find at casinos.

NetEnt (NetEntertainment)

NetEnt is the world’s most popular game manufacturer, a Swedish company founded in 1996. NetEnt games are available at almost every online casino; thanks to the diverse selection of games, every player is sure to find their favorite games. NetEnt’s handwriting includes several of the world’s most popular slot games. Great example include games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Guest and Dead or Alive.

NetEnt games work great regardless of the device, allowing you to play games comfortably on your smart device or computer. NetEnt’s games are generally the best in the world in terms of quality; it’s no wonder that the gaming house has maintained its position as the market’s leading game manufacturer for decades.


Microgaming is the most experienced gaming manufacturer in the world. The first games of the gaming giant were released as early as 1994, so they have quite a bit of age! The experience has not been detrimental to this gaming house, as Microgaming has been able to innovate with the market brilliantly. Microgaming has amassed huge awards over the years for its innovations. That is a great indicator of a game manufacturer’s ability to transform.

Microgaming games are known for their quality. Many of the game manufacturer’s older games have been upgraded to modern times, making traditional slot games work great in 2021 as well. Microgaming’s most popular games are Immortal Romance and Mega Moolah, the latter of which is a popular jackpot game. Huge profits have been grabbed from Mega Moolah, with the biggest winnings even over €18.9 million!

Play’n GO

Play’n GO is a popular Swedish game manufacturer, which was founded in 1997. Play’n GO has risen to the attention of players at the latest in recent years when the game house has published exclusive slot games for the online casino based on familiar themes. Play’n GO’s handwriting includes the Hake and Vares slots, which have gained immense popularity among domestic players.

Play ’N GO has also been responsible for several online casino cult games. One of the best known is the Book of Dead, set in the world of ancient Egypt. Another favorite game lately has been the Fire Joker, which has toured among the most played games in casinos in recent months.


The HCB team is constantly working to find the best online casinos. The most reliable and best casinos get to our site and we present them standing behind everyone. All casinos have been tested on behalf of our team. As a result, we are also able to give a rating to each casino; we are also able to stand behind the review.

A great online casino stands out for its range of games and usability. We list unreliable internet casinos and casino scams on a separate page. We also tell you where to deduce if it is a reliable online casino.

What is the best online casino?

All online casinos offer their pros and cons, but the sum of these gives you the best online casino. The reason why we chose this online casino to get the title of Best Online Casino is unequivocal. This operator offers a reliable online casino and a wide range of games.

The most coveted ranking on our list, number one, is given to Nopeampi Casino. It has been a sure choice for casino players since its release. Finnish online casino Nopeampi offers a huge selection of games, and you can also play without a game account! Online casino without registration, in other words, no account online casino, has increased its popularity all the time. Pay ‘N Play Casinos are raising their heads and more and more casinos are offering this feature.

Best online casinos & customer service

The best online casinos offer tremendous bonuses and benefits. Players often deposit with online banks and credit cards, but the best method of depositing and withdrawing is an online wallet, such as Skrill or Neteller.

Online casinos offer great deposit methods to their players. There is online banking with Trustly, Euteller and Paytrail, online wallets like Skrill and Neteller, and numerous other secure and fast deposit methods. Withdrawals are the fastest for online wallets, but also with online banking, many casinos offer instant withdrawals.

Casinos almost always have a live chat. Using live chat, you can get an answer to a question or problem in minutes. Email is available at every casino, but here the response time varies radically. Some internet casinos also offer telephone support, but this may be subject to a fee.

Where can you find the best online casinos?

You can find the best online casinos in our list of the best online casinos, which we update very actively. Casinos can be compared based on gaming foundations, features, and bonuses, for example. Also important are live casino and betting, all of which can be found at the best online casinos. The best casinos for the list also require that the customer service works. Below we have listed our favorite casinos, where we talk about mobile casinos, casino bonuses, withdrawals, among other things. You can find the best casinos and bonuses from us. However, great bonuses alone do not pave the way for our best casinos list; a casino must operate holistically to meet the definition of a great online casino.

How to identify the best online casinos?

Identifying the best online casino is personal. Some like simple and simplified sites, while others like versatile casinos. Our favorites are comprehensive casinos that offer something for everyone! The best online casinos include Unibet and Mr Green. These casinos offer constantly different offers and things work the way they should. In addition to the casinos mentioned above, you will also find several other casinos in our list of the best online casinos that we have thoroughly tested. The best new bonuses are always available, in addition to which we constantly monitor the casinos on our list. It is possible that the quality of an online casino will drop, in which case we will remove that casino from our list.


The payback percentage is perhaps the most important part of choosing an online casino. In games, the return percentages are downright harsh. As an example, the return percentage in slot machines is about 90. Finns’ endurance favorites, Jokeripokeri and Tuplapotti, lag behind the return percentages in international comparisons, as online casino returns 96-98%. The best online casinos have to compete for their customers more than, for example, Veikkaus, which has a monopoly position. This is why the return percentages have been pulled up, which is why players also win more often.


Of all Veikkaus’ games, Lotto, Eurojackpot, and other games of chance have the most shocking return percentage. The return percentage on these games is about 40%. In standard betting, the payback percentage varies between 40-60, but in other casinos, you can also find these game forms with clearly higher payout percentages. A million winnings and their promotion still draw people to play for Veikkaus. But. The same, and even clearly better-winning pots are also available from other better online casinos. The best casinos offer the best payback percentages. That’s why we see no reason why we would play our monopoly with clearly worse payback percentages than the market. For every 100 euros invested, we get an average of 90 euros back from Double Pot. At other internet casinos the average per 100 euros is always around 98 euros.


New players are now offered excellent bonuses and the bonuses have naturally also changed over the years. In our list of the best online casinos 2021, you will find all the best and new casino bonuses. Free play money is a rarity these days, but the best bonuses are, of course, free spins without a withdrawal requirement and free play money. The most common bonus today is bonus money, and through HCB, you can find bonus money on the best terms. The easy wagering requirement, big percentage deposit bonus, and long winning bonuses make it to our list of best casino bonuses! The best casinos generally also offer the best raffles and tournaments as well as VIP programs.

You can often find the best bonus terms at the most popular and newest casinos; the competition for customers is fierce these days. When choosing a bonus, the biggest threshold issue is the wagering requirement; it’s not worth blindly staring at a large bonus amount. The wagering requirement determines how much the casino must wager before winnings can be cashed out. Some casinos may have a payout cap, or only a portion of the payouts can be cashed out. The best casinos are fair in these matters as well, and all winnings can be cashed free without profit caps. We at HCB have gone through all the bonuses with a magnifying glass. This allows you to easily compare between different bonuses and separate the grains from the chaff.


At you will find only the best casinos that have earned their trust. You do not have to pay taxes on the winnings of casinos in the EU; the winnings are completely tax-free. The best casinos offer betting freedom. For example, you do not have to pay any taxes in Finland for a huge win at an online casino. We have listed all tax-free online casinos on our website. In addition to this, we have personally tested all the casinos on our lists to ensure security.


The tax exemption for online casinos depends on what kind of license the casino has. Internet casinos located in Malta and elsewhere in Europe belong to the ETA. Casinos licensed in the ETA always pay winnings to players tax-free. The tax exemption is that you can withdraw the money you have won completely tax-free. Thus you do not have to pay taxes to the state. One of the most common online casino licenses is a license registered with Curacao. Unfortunately, the Curacao license does not guarantee tax-free profits. Curacao online casinos are reliable and secure, but profits have to be taxed. The best online casino offer tax-free winnings, so when choosing an online casino; it is worth checking exactly which license the Casino has. You can usually find the license at the bottom of the casino. The license is marked with, for example, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) logo.