Esports, or electronic sports, has been around for decades, and Esports betting has become a big profile. In the 2010s, Esports began to gain a foothold in sports and mainstream entertainment. Now, it has already grown into a really big scene all over the world. The popularity of Esports is growing at an explosive rate. With it, money has also started to flow within the sport in many ways at a completely different pace.


Esports is a growing scene, and money has indeed begun to move within the sport. The Esports players receive a fairly reasonable salary as professional athletes. The team’s support team includes experts in every field, sponsorships bring significant sums to players and teams. In addition, Esports betting is also growing in its own field. Esports betting sites have become more common in the market. There is already a huge number of Esports-focused gaming sites in this industry.


Esports takes its share of the betting side. Gaming sites and betting companies have begun to invest in Esports and Eurheilu betting in a whole new way. As a result, a commendable number of Esports gaming sites have been launched. These Esports betting sites mainly offer betting destinations for E-sports. The sites may also include other sports, such as popular hockey series and the most popular leagues in football.


Esports betting is very similar to any other betting. In sports, there are two teams or players facing each other. Therefore both teams or players also have their own winning odds. That is, in practice, it is by no means a special matter; Esports odds find the same place as all other betting odds.


Esporta is growing in popularity in Finland, but its popularity is also growing exponentially around the world. More and more betting sites are offering odds on tournaments and matches in the most popular E-sports, and when it comes to a new sport, there can be a lot of air in the odds – so you can hunt for odds if you know more about the sport.

If Esports is close to your heart and you know more about the sport, then you now have the opportunity to forge a really substantial percentage of money back on Esports betting. In a very few species, this is the case when considering the number of experts. This gives you a really big advantage over betting; the odds can be practically anything, and big odds can be found in a few days.


Esports betting, of course, involves items and odds. Top In Sport, there were few targets other than the winning bet. Nowadays, however, you can catch really tasty betting targets. With CS: GO, for example, you can beat gun round winners or map handicaps, for example. As a result, you can also get bigger odds when the target selection includes handicap bets.

Esports odds are really high, and what we’ve been listening to for those familiar with the sport has quite an advantage on Esports in terms of odds. As there’s a limited number of experts and know-how, the player will get easily ahead of the odds calculator in the new scene. As you gain experience, you will then be able to consider many more things. This will most certainly reflect into the magnitude of the odds in the future.


Esports betting in Finland has gained great popularity. Finland has long been one of Esports’ major countries in hype, especially in Europe, and more has been invested in recently. One of the biggest reasons for Finland’s visibility in Esports circles is that Finland will become a world-class player in several “series” of sports. By series we now mean the different games that Esports contains.

In betting, working with Esports teams has begun to be more the rule than the exception. The most well-known of the Finnish teams is ENCE, which has gained a reputation for CS: GO and won one of the biggest CS: GO tournaments, and also beat Astralis, the best Counter Strike team of the time, in this final .

The Finns have also succeeded in other Esports games. In August 2018 , up to two Finns, Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen , reached the DOTA 2 World Championship . The five-person team grabbed the 2018 World Championship, which also spilled more than $ 11 million into the account. Here’s an example of the amounts of money moving in Esports – Growth doesn’t just stop there.

The prize money of the Esports competitions is approaching the prize money of the traditional sports; some of the sports are already really lagging behind. Esports is moving forward at an alarming rate. The scene will grow even more in the next few years – even the Esports training branch is available if you want to come here.


Esports in itself only mean electronic sports or E-sports. Like more traditional sports, Esports includes different sports or series, i.e. different games. Some e-sports games are more popular than others, just as some sports are more popular than others.

Popularity varies, of course, and in Esports, the variation in popularity is a little more frequent than in traditional sports. However, some games have managed to maintain their popularity for years. The best know game is by far the Counter Strike game series. Reforms always bring more followers. As a result, the player base also grows significantly in a short period of time.

E-sports also provide a really great opportunity for new successes. This is because the sport is even easier to reach at an early age. Therefore, one can only look forward to what the future will bring when it comes, as E-sports and E-betting will be an even bigger scene in the near future.


CS: GO or Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the world. The Counter Strike game series has been reaping fame and glory for decades, and the gaming company Valve has only been able to develop this success story even more.

Counter Strike is played in five-player teams, one called “Counter Terrorists” and the other called “Terrorists” – also known by the old term CT and Tero.

How to play

The task for the five terrorists team is to place a bomb in either the A or B bomb area. They also need to manage to detonate the bomb. Alternatively, the terrorists will win a round if they manage to eliminate all opposing players or all counter-terrorists. In order to win on the CT side, you will need to eliminate the entire Terrorist team or dismantle the bomb.

The map, or in practice the lot, wins when you get a 16-round win. If, on the other hand, a 15-15 situation is reached, an extension will follow. On the other hand, there will be an extension if the situation is 15-15.

CSGO betting

CS: GO has gained tremendous popularity in every corner of the world. Thanks to this, it also serves as one of the flagships of the Esports scene. And, perhaps due to the nature of the game, it is certainly the most popular Esports game in Finland. FPS or First Person Shooter games play a really big role in Finland when it comes to the player base. In addition to this, it also takes a big slice of the betting market; its popularity largely determines how much is invested in that sport.

While the popularity of CS: GO is really wild, the prize money doesn’t keep up with other Esports games. This is strange in its own way, as CS: GO has also grabbed the title of the 2016 Esports Game in its name, so you would think the prize money would go up with this.

CS: GO is one of the biggest Esports sports betting companies. With that, the range of destinations is also really wide. CS: GO is part of the game selection of almost every betting company, so you can be anxious when new betting pages are in search, as almost everyone offers items for Counter Strike.


DOTA 2 is a very different computer game compared to Counter Strike, although the genre is different. It is part of the MOBA game, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The goal in MOBA games is to destroy your opponents base. At Dota, players have a choice of different characters, and team play is really important in addition to individual skills. The team needs to play together excellently to succeed greatly in competitions in Esports tournaments.

The prize amounts are substantial

The DOTA 2 prize amounts are substantial, and they are also much higher than in Counter Strike, for example. A good example of this is the Finnish DOTA 2 World Championship, which brought the team up to $ 11 million. The popularity of Esports and the game is rising in Finland all the time. In the future we will certainly see more Finnish players as professional athletes with Dota.

DOTA 2 betting

DOTA 2 betting comes hand in hand with popularity. While the prize money is large, there is also an infinite amount of money in betting. DOTA 2 betting destinations are one of the most important elements in the Esports destination range. This is because the popularity worldwide is so great that this cannot be ignored. DOTA 2 betting is available on almost all betting sites. At the same time you can follow the success of Finnish Esports players alongside your bets; then you chose any booker.


League Of Legends, or LOL, was released in 2009 by Riot Games. LOL is one of the most popular computer games of all time. This is also evident in Esports tournaments, as they play matches in big stadiums around the world. League Of Legends runs many well-known competitive leagues. In these leagues the best teams in the world compete for prizes of up to millions of euros.

League Of Legends is therefore a team game. The game format included in Esports includes two teams, each with five players. All players possess one character, the Champion, each with their own strengths and unique characteristics. There are a total of 145 Champions to choose from, so this sport also requires quite a bit of know-how for the team to be able to choose a suitable combo for the Champions.

League Of Legends betting

As expected, popularity brings an outrageous number of betting targets and odds to League Of Legends matches. The game is very popular all over the world. This is also reflected in the supply of gaming sites with a tough hand. All betting sites offer League Of Legends game items, if any, Esports is part of the selection at all.


Overwatch is a pretty interesting species. This game does not so much fall into either of the above categories, but is a combination of these. Overwatch has references to both FPS games and MOBA games. That’s why it’s also causing a lot of interest in Esports circles, and the player base is also growing systematically.

The Overwatch game camera works from the player’s perspective, and this is where it becomes the FPS style. Instead, not every player has the same character as in Counter Strike, for example, but there are different characters to choose from in the style of League Of Legends. Each character again has their own strengths and qualities. As a little extra spice, each character also has their own homeland.

In Overwatch, the goal is to destroy opponents, and each team member has their own role. The game is produced by Blizzard, whose production includes World Of Warcraft, among others. A lot of story, and interesting details have been added to the game, and from this you will notice that small influences from the WOW game have also been grabbed in Overwatch.

Overwatch betting

Overwatch betting is growing over time. As the youngest sport on the list, its popularity is also more subdued; as a result, more betting targets have been restricted. However, almost all gaming sites that offer E-betting have included Overwatch in the listings, but the target selection varies by booker. The biggest games are sure to be on the lists, but the smaller games are always a little uncertain.


E-betting has risen to immense popularity among bettors. E-betting means electronic sports betting, in which various computer games operate as sports. Esports betting markets are available today in a wild amount and no wonder. E-sports betting is wildly popular in 2021, and there is no end to growth. Various esports tournaments and series are being held continuously. At its best via live stream, millions of pairs of eyes around the world follow exciting battles.

E-betting was one of the most popular forms of betting in the spring of 2020 and many iron-strong bettors have switched to playing esports as well. From the side of traditional betting, we have moved into the world of electronic sports, where there is plenty to play around the clock every day of the week. The aging of the esports generation has also changed the age structure of bettors. That is why e-betting is growing in popularity. Young people who have played e-sports games themselves have moved to bet on e-sports.

The most popular e-betting games are CS: GO or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and StarCraft 2. Most e-sports games are heard in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA) or First Person Shooter (FPS) first person shooting games. Other e-betting game categories include Sports Games and Real-Time Strategy Games.


E-betting has grown at an incredible pace, thanks to which betting targets for e-sports can be found on almost every betting site. The best esports betting sites offer up to hundreds of different items for individual matches; the esports offer is truly comprehensive. In e-betting you can bet on exactly the same items as in traditional sports, as there are the familiar Winner bet, hand bet, over / under bet and special bets. It is also possible to bet on the winners of individual tournaments; almost all esports betting sites also offer tournament bets on e-betting!

Various tournaments and series are held around the world on an ongoing basis, allowing you to find what to play all year round. Finnish esports bettors can follow e-betting matches in real time via live stream. Free live streams are offered by Twitch and Youtube, among others, through which you can enjoy matches often even with narration. You can also follow the matches and take advantage of the things you see in betting. Often, esports matches are described and commented on by real experts in the sport, whose nipple information shared during the game can be used excellently in esports live betting.

Almost all e-betting sites also offer a diverse selection for live betting, allowing you to bet on e-betting in real time. Odds in esports vary very much between different bookers, which is why a Odds Comparison is more than desirable. We have listed on the best esports betting sites that almost always also offer the best esports odds on the market.

E-sports & betting

E-sports, or electronic sports, is the competitive playing of video games played on a computer or console. E-betting racing games are divided into several different categories, of which eternal favorites are first-person shooting games, real-time strategy games and multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA games. The biggest tournaments and series are presented, ie live streamed in real time on various streaming services, where viewers can watch the matches live. In the biggest tournaments, the prize pools are up to millions of euros, so it’s a considerable amount.

E-sports bettors get to bet on matches like in traditional sports, but often esports matches are even easier to watch than traditional sports. All e-betting matches can be watched for free via live Stream, so you don’t have to buy channel packages, for example! E-sports statistics can also be found comprehensively and HLTV, for example, offers amazing CS: GO statistics. You can easily and quickly check the winners of individual rounds and the performances of players even after matches.

E-betting will continue to grow in 2021, and there are no signs of a slowdown in growth. The younger generation is also coming to the betting market with a rumble and the new generation will bet a lot on esports as the older generation will settle for traditional sports like football and hockey. New betting sites specializing in esports are pushing the market at a brisk pace, but traditional betting sites have also responded to market forces. The best betting sites offer a wide range of items for esports betting, allowing even experienced bettors to jump into the wonderful world of e-betting!