Esports has become one of the most watched sports, including live broadcasts. Players can follow matches through high-quality free Live Streams, which can be found from multiple different sites. Betting companies have also started to offer live betting with the option to watch matches live with a small delay. Check our recommendations for Esports Live Streams from below!


You can watch esports matches live using multiple services, but some of these are pretty expensive. Instead, there are also Live Stream services for esports online that do not charge for showing matches, and they are, above all, legal. Esports live stream broadcasts are excellent, and you can watch almost every single esports match in real time for free! GPWA VERIFICATION


Esports has grabbed it’s own market in betting. As a result, the number of Live Stream services has also increased. The best thing about this is that you can watch the matches for free. Several betting companies offer live streams for esports, but there are also other sites that offer more channels for watching live broadcasts.

Unibet TV: Free Esports live stream broadcasting

Unibet TV is one of the best Live Stream services the internet has to offer. Unibet offers its registered customers live coverage of many sports and series, so only the eSports live stream is not covered, but in addition to this you will find live coverage of hockey, football, baseball and tennis as well as many other sports.

Unibet Live Stream offers eSports live broadcasts in high definition quality. In addition, you get to play, for example, the winner of the match with excellent odds in live betting. Unibet’s live stream service is one of the best in the betting market – the match delay is indeed minimal.

How can I watch Unibet TV’s esports live streams?

All live broadcasts on Unibet TV can be accessed by making a deposit to your gaming account. Using the esports live stream services does not require playing with real money; you can use live broadcasts for free as long as you have at least one cent (0.01€) on your balance. With this one effortless cent, you can watch all MLB matches, NBA matches and all esports matches live. And in high quality!

Here’s how to watch Unibet TV live broadcasts:

  1. Register a free account to Unibet
  2. Make a deposit – minimum deposit is 10€
  3. You can spend 9.99€ wherever you want, but leave a balance of at least 0.01€ in your account
  4. You will have access to the entire Unibet TV for one cent, and there will be no monthly fees or other costs in the future.

NordicBet Live Stream: Free Esports

NordicBet offers one of the best live stream services on the internet for one cent! Compared to Unibet TV, NordicBet offers often better odds than Unibet. NordicBet offers a wide range of live broadcasts of various sports, including esports live streams.

You can access NordicBet live streams by making a deposit to your account. You have to have just 0.01€ in your account to watch live broadcasts – in practice, this is free. In NordicBet live betting you can enjoy the best odds on the market while watching matches in high quality!

Here’s how to watch NordicBet Live Streams:

  1. Register a free game account with Nordicbet
  2. Make a deposit – minimum deposit is 10€
  3. If you want, you can use 9.99€ wherever you want – leave at least 0.01€ in your account
  4. For one cent, you will have access to the entire Nordicbet live streams, and there won’t be any costs or monthly fees in the future

Betting sites are not the only providers

Betting sites are by no means the only providers of esports live streams. There is one site on the internet that is definitely above the rest; there you can find all CS:GO live streams. The downside to this site is that there is a higher delay in matches. This hampers live betting with a tough hand. Therefore, we recommend watching the matches live from betting sites if the purpose is to obtain information for betting.


HLTV is an all-inclusive service. As a matter of fact, the site is the world’s leading site focusing on tracking competitive CS:GO. HLTV’s offering includes key elements for tracking Counter Strike: Global Offensive events. Being that, the site offers esports news, statistics, results, upcoming games and even free live broadcasts and esports live streams.

HLTV is not just a statistical or live stream service, thus it provides an meaningless amount of data and information about the world of Counter Strike. You can find statistics and team lineups as well as player performance statistics from the same site. Immediately on the front page, the games of the day are listed by start time, and by clicking on the list, you can get more information about the matches you want – the results of previous matches, Player Stats and other team stats.


The HLTV Live Stream service does not require registration or money. This means you can watch the matches live easily and, above all, for free. HLTV does not offer betting, so for betting enthusiasts, the Esports Live Stream service is quite weak, as you have to switch between the tabs when you are live betting. HLTV Live streams also have a considerable delay, and that is also a really bad thing for live bettors.