Live betting, or live betting or live betting, is a really popular part of what betting companies offer today. The idea of ​​live betting is to enable betting even when a match or event is in progress. The new betting sites are really investing in live betting; this is reflected in the usability and mobile betting of many of the new sites.

In live betting it is possible to play the outcome of the match, the next goal scorer or corner kicks, free kicks and even cards. So the match really gets extra excitement with in-play betting.


Live betting is a great innovation in many ways. Through a live bet, the player can get extra excitement to watch during the match, but in addition to this, for example, safes for bets or possibly excellent odds can be fetched during the match if even the pre-favorite is in a losing position at the beginning of the match.

You can follow numerous matches from the live coverage provided by the betting agency. Many gaming companies also offer a live stream service. This allows you to watch matches live in addition to live betting. The best gaming companies for in-play betting are definitely Mr Green and Betsson , Betsafe and Nordicbet under the Betsson Group . There’s really a lot to play on these sites, and the odds are definitely at the top of the market.


The best betting sites offer great welcome bonuses for new players. These can improve your bankroll by as much as thousands of euros: it’s really a question of value for money.

Betting bonuses for in-play betting are generally free bets or risk-free bets, but with these two you can apply for a slightly more special bet – for example, a high odds. Mr Green is offering a € 100 free bet with no wagering requirement; it is at least worth knocking over!


In live betting, the odds change at a fast pace as the game situations and the progress of the match. However, in a live bet, the odds will no longer change once the bet has been accepted. But, for example, bad prematch odds can be expected for in-play betting where the odds can be vastly better. You can find the best in-play betting odds on foreign gaming sites. These betting sites offer betting bonuses and a completely outrageous target coverage compared to domestic Veikkaus.


In live betting, you should observe the statistics as well as the odds and compare the compatibility of the two to find the odds. The best advantage for live betting is, of course, to watch the match live. This way you can see with your own eyes what is happening on the field.

The statistics are given really well, and Mr Green, for example, offers the following statistics for in-play football betting:

  • The attacks
  • Dangerous attacks
  • Shots past the goal
  • Shots per goal
  • Cards, corner kicks and substitutions

You can get a great picture of the situation of the match on the basis of statistics alone. However, you only get real information when you watch the match yourself, because the statistics are not everything. The odds calculator may fall asleep during the game. In those moments you can grab excellent odds with a higher expectation value.

In addition to the statistics, there is also playing time in the live bet. As the match progresses, playing time will steadily decrease. As a result, certain events will also be less likely to occur. However, the odds go up pretty quickly with in-play betting; if you manage to keep track of the games in moderation, you might catch quite a few odds bombs.

With in-play betting, it is always worth remembering that live sports broadcasts are not real-time; the live stream has a small delay. Therefore, when certain events change the odds quite a lot, it is not worth hosting then, as the live stream only gives information about the situation after a while.


The rules of live betting vary by gaming company, so you should always familiarize yourself with them before playing. The surrender rules for certain sports are different than normal, so it may be possible to void a bet, for example in a tennis match where another player surrenders in the middle of a match.

In-play betting offers hundreds of matches every day, and at the same time games can be played for up to a couple hundred. Veikkaus does not offer such comprehensive in-play betting, but there are a few matches to be played at a time, and there are only a dozen games a day. The maximum bet on Veikkaus is also a negligible € 50. If you are playing with a bigger bet, you should turn your attention abroad.