There are practically two types of free bets; free bet without deposit or free bet with deposit. Free bets purchased with a deposit can be called almost risk-free bets because you don’t really get a bet slip for free. However, a risk-free bet means a completely different thing than a free bet – so these are not the only types of free bet.

When a new user opens a new free game account, quite often he redeems the free bet while making his first deposit. The deposit amount must be played once in betting – or alternatively, for example, a bet must be placed with a 25€ stake or other amount. The betting company will give you a bet coupon, once you have placed a bet and it is settled. With the bet coupon, which will be the size of your bet, you can place a new bet of the same value. This is called a free bet. For example, the Redbet free bet, which acts as a bonus for the new customer, works like this.

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The RedBet free bet is an example. The first bet is often worth betting on some sensible and probable target, as you are playing for real money. With a free bet available to you, you will hopefully get a win at home and you will definitely make a profit. Or at least stay on your own.

It’s a good idea to place a free bet at slightly higher odds, as you can try even higher winnings completely risk-free and for free. A free bet is a great tool for grabbing, as an example, a bigger truck as you can’t lose a cent using it; you might even place a Scorecast bet.


With your free bet, the recycling requirements are often there. However, one in which the winnings of the free bet do not need to be recycled is a Mr. Green free bet. Mr. Green offers a free bet to a new customer who can hit the target of their choice – the amount of the free bet is deducted from the winnings. Thus, in many cases, the betting company pays a net profit to a player. This means that there may not be a wagering requirement. Mr. Green is one good example of those betting companies using this practice.

But, there might also be recycling requirements with the free bet. In this case, as a general rule, the betting provider will not deduct the value of the free bet from the winnings; instead, they will pay the winnings in full. This in turn means that the player must roll over the winnings under normal bonus conditions in betting in order to turn them into so-called real money, i.e. withdrawable cash.


As already mentioned above, a free bet may be subject to a recycling requirement. It is therefore worth reading the betting provider’s free bet wagering terms carefully; sometimes the bonus terms include a wagering requirement, which can be, for example, 4x free bet winnings. In a case like this, you will have to play your free bet winnings four times in order to withdraw the game funds to your bank account or online wallet.

Minimum odds

Free bets can also be subject to other conditions – an example of this is the minimum odds for free bets. Some betting sites have set a minimum odds for recycling that must be completed. One of the most traditional minimum odds is 1.80, which can be a wagering condition or a free bet item condition.

Free bet validity and wagering time

Often a free bet is valid for a certain period of time. Mr. Green free bets are normally valid for 7 days, but between free bets are valid for up to 30 days. The betting company will cancel your free bet if it’s not used within the time limit.

Another time constraint may be related to recycling. The redemption time is valid for all deposit bonuses. But the free bet may also include a time limit in addition to the redemption requirement. As a rule, there is a 14-90 day time window within which the recycling should be completed regarding the bonus money. If the customer hasn’t completed the recycling, then the bonus funds will be void; basically the betting provider will throw the free play money into the trash.

Free bet format

The free bet may also be subject to the game mode restriction. That is, this means that a free bet can only be used for single bets or combinations, for example. As a general rule, systems are excluded from all free bets, as the free bet cannot be used on parts but must be struck at once. Free bets are placed on combinations in most cases, but in some cases only single bets are allowed.

Free bet and markets

A free bet may also be tied to a specific sports, league or event. That is, if such an increase is found in the terms and conditions, then you may not be able to place a free bet on any item, but it may only be for a specific match or league, for example. A free bet can also be valid only for certain types of bets – for example 1 × 2 items and goal counts.


Nothing is free – this is what the old saying goes. Nonetheless, free betting is quite true. Betting sites offer players free gifts upon registration and also along the betting sky. For example, Christmas calendars are just one where you can get free bets, free play money, and free spins without a deposit.

Due to intensified competition in the betting market, betting sites will have to market their product better in order to remain popular with players. Because of this, gaming companies are constantly offering better welcome offers, bonuses and every free play money. The free bet has become one of the most amazing additional bonuses; this form of bonus will be even more common in the future.


The purpose of free bets and bonuses is often foreign to many. The best betting bonuses, free bets, risk-free bets and free play money are all virtually roll-in products that will entice players to try the site. Old customers also get great bonuses, as exemplified by Mr. Green , who offers the best VIP program on the market in addition to traditional bonuses and promotions.

New betting sites often offer really tasty betting bonuses and free bets for marketing and advertising purposes. New sites are rising with constant feed, and welcome bonuses are one of the most attractive of each other! An example is Eaglebet. Eaglebet rose spectacularly among players by offering a 100% deposit bonus up to € 100 with an easy wagering requirement.

Activating old players and/or customer satisfaction might be another reason to offer betting bonuses. Old customers will receive deposit bonuses and free bets. This way they don’t forget that betting page or don’t move on to a new betting page; every customer is extremely important to betting companies.